Using XPM data for Smartcorp Document Ordering

What this means

When you connect Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to Smartcorp you'll be able to see autocomplete suggestions for your clients who exist within XPM to prepopulate an order form.

Our integration is two-way, so you can:

  1. Create an order from your Smartcorp account using XPM data
  2. Create a Job in XPM for a Smartcorp order, and view and complete the order in Smartcorp incomplete orders

Why this is important

Nobody likes double-handling. Connecting Smartcorp to XPM allows you to use your XPM client data to pre fill Smartcorp orders, making entity setup fast and efficient.

Using XPM data to create an order from your Smartcorp Account

To access XPM clients from within Smartcorp, you just need to:

  1. Begin creating an order
    Create your order as normal within Smartcorp.

  2. Start typing the client name
    As soon as a match is found within XPM you'll see the name appear. This ensures you do not need to rekey data and your client data will be consistent across both systems.

Creating a Smartcorp order using XPM Jobs

  1. Create an XPM job with one of the following names:
    • SC Company Order
    • SC Business Name Registration
    • SC Discretionary Trust
    • SC Unit Trust
    • SC SMSF Establishment
    • SC SMSF Deed Update
    • SC Bare Trust for SMSF Borrowing
    • SC Change Of Trustee

We recommend creating an XPM Job template for each type of product to simplify order creation. If the job name does not match exactly it will not generate a Smartcorp order.

  1. View XPM Job in Smartcorp incomplete orders
    To view and complete your XPM job, go to My Account and Orders then Incomplete Order.

    Scroll down the page to view Xero Practice Manager jobs. Press Begin to view the order form pre-populated with XPM data. You can then complete your Smartcorp order.

    If you delete the job in your Smartcorp Account, the job will automatically be deleted in XPM.