Syncing and managing conflicts between Corpliance and XPM data

What this means

If you use Corpliance you'll able to synchronise your data for individuals between XPM and Corpliance to identify:

  1. Missing records
  2. Address mismatches

When that happens you may find that there are conflicts between the information held in both systems. You’ll have then have the option to update the data in XPM, or push a change request to ASIC through our Corpliance platform.

We use the following rules to ensure your data is matched as often as possible:

  • Individuals are found to be a match when they have the same first name, last nam e, AND:

    • The same date of birth in both systems, OR

    • There is no Date of Birth in XPM but the name is unique within XPM

Why this is important

When you connect Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to Corpliance we may find that the addresses are different. If you do end up with different addresses then you'll need to make a decision as to which addresses to keep to ensure your data is consistent and your clients data meets ASIC requirements.

How to do it

To review any potential issues or conflicts you’ll need to:

  1. Go to your Corpliance Dashboard

    Scroll down to Xero integrations section and select Manage XPM Clients.

    You can also manage XPM client data by going to Manage Users and scroll down to the XPM integration section and click on manage XPM Clients.

  2. Review data issues and conflicts
    You’ll see Address Mismatch issues (where the address is different in both systems) and Record Missing issues (where the individual  in Corpliance is not found in XPM). You can select any issue from the list or filter the list using the options to the left. Press the Refresh button to update this list at any time.

  1. To resolve an individual Address Mismatch issue
    1. If the Corpliance address is correct then press the Push to XPM button. The record will be updated in XPM using your address mapping configuration.

    1. If the XPM address is correct then select the Start ASiC Address Change button beside the XPM address you want to use. This will display the Corpliance Change Address screen and the form will be pre-filled with the XPM address. Press the Proceed button to save this change of address and create the notification for ASIC.

To resolve Record Missing issues
Select the Push to XPM button.

All client details for the selected individual are now available in Xero Practice Manager

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