Pushing Smartcorp data - entities, individuals or documents to Xero Practice Manager

How to push data from Smartcorp Ordering to XPM

To push the entities, individuals and documents to XPM you’ll need to:

  1. Access the Order Status tab for the relevant order
    Go to My Account, Orders then Order Status.

    Select your order and Push controls will appear bottom right of this screen. You can choose what content to push to Xero Practice Manager.

  2. To push entities and individuals to XPM
    1. Select the Push Company to XPM button.
    2. Select the elements you wish to push.  You can push company, individuals and relationships to XPM. Smartcorp will automatically exclude elements that already exist to avoid duplication but you have control.
    3. Press the Push button. The selected actions now occur within Xero Practice Manager. Press the Close button once this has been completed, the selected entities, individuals and their relationships are now available within Xero Practice Manager.

  3. To push documents
    You can also push documents associated with your Smartcorp order to the Document section of your client record. Documents will be stored under the main entity record.
    Select the Push Docs to XPM button. The selected documents are now pushed across. Press the Close button once this has been completed, the selected documents are now available within the primary entity record within Xero Practice Manager.

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