Integrating Xero Practice Manager with Smartcorp

Smartcorp has developed a two-way integration to Xero Practice Manager (XPM) that will allow you to quickly and easily share Smartcorp data with XPM, and key information from XPM with Smartcorp.

Our XPM integration extends to both Smartcorp’s online ordering system and Corpliance, Smartcorp’s online ASIC Compliance Management platform.

With our integration you'll be able to:

  1. See autocomplete suggestions for Clients who exist in XPM, within Smartcorp when creating new orders.
  2. Create a Job in XPM for a Smartcorp order and then view and process a Smartcorp pre-populated order in incomplete orders
  3. Once orders are completed you can push client data (companies, individuals, relationships and documents) from Smartcorp to XPM - for the following order types:
    1. Company
    2. Discretionary trust
    3. Unit trust
    4. SMSF
    5. SMSF bare trust

  4. Sync data between Corpliance and XPM and identify data mismatches between the two systems. You update them in XPM or push those changes to ASIC.

Why this is important

Nobody likes double-handling. Connecting Smartcorp to XPM allows you to reduce rekeying of data and makes data management easy. You’ll experience:

  • Fast entity management - create entities in minutes.
  • Effortlessly improve data management - ensure your data matches across systems at the push of a button.
  • Simplify ASIC compliance management - we sync your data so you can ensure your information is valid and compliant.

How to do this

First you’ll need to connect your XPM account to Smartcorp.

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