Sending the Document to be signed

Once you have set your Email settings using either ours or your own custom domain, you are ready to send the Docusignable document directly to the company directors. See Configuring Email Settings documentation for more details.

Under the Email to Client heading on the Annual Review page, you can select which email template you would like to use (fully customizable in Email Settings), and which documents to send. To continue the Docusign process, ensure that the Docusignable document is selected and the Docusign Words Tag placeholder has been added to your mailing template.

*Note, please ensure that the correct directors email has been saved before the email is sent, the Docusign document will be sent separately to the director using the details you have saved by pressing the “Update Email” button. The director will receive a link from Docusign that will allow them to sign under their name. Only directors who are listed as signatories will receive the separate Docusign link.

Once the email has been sent, it will show under the Email History heading in the section below. If a Docusignable document has been sent, the status of the document will be updated

The Signed date and status will be updated when the director electronically signs the document, once all the signatories have signed the Docusign process will be complete, and a certificate of completion will appear next to the document. Both the signed document and certificate of completion are available for viewing and downloading. You can check the status of the signatories at any time through the Annual Review page. When a director signs, their signature will appear in the document.

When you send an email through the Annual Review page, the workflow is automatically updated. The workflow can be used to easily keep track of how far along companies are in the Annual Review Process, on page like the Dashboard and Alerts page you can easily filter and view companies at different stages.

The Signed Docs Received date will be updated once all signatories have signed