Generating the document

To generate a Docusignable Minutes / Resolution doc, navigate to the Annual Review page for a given company and fill out the details under the Minutes / Resolution heading. For a Docusignable document to be generated, it is a requirement that a Held On date is supplied, and for Minutes, that a chairperson is selected.

*Note. You can only have one Smartcorp generated Minutes / Resolution for each company at any one time, if you have previously generated a Minutes / Resolution you may have to delete it by scrolling to the Generated Minutes / Resolutions, viewing the document, and deleting it via the trash can icon next to the file name

When you click the Generate Document button, the page will start to build your custom Minute / Resolution in the background. Please do not refresh the page while a Docusignable document is being generated, it will appear below in the Generated Minutes / Resolutions section shortly (between 10-20 seconds)