Setting up a template

Smartcorp currently offers three types of templates

  1. Annual Review
  2. Annual Review Reminder
  3. Debt Alert

Each template is completely modifiable at any time under the Template Settings section in Email Settings.

The templates use placeholders such as {{CompanyName}} to automatically fill in details. More placeholders can be added using the ‘Insert Placeholder’ dropdown within the text editor markup for the email body, or the + symbol in the subject line to use placeholders in the subject.

*Note: If you are using Docusign for Annual Review minutes / resolutions, you must include the {{DocusignWords}} placeholder. This placeholder is only used in the event that you are emailing a Docusignable document in which case it will be replaced with “If you are specified as a signatory to the minute/resolution you will receive an email from Docusign with further instructions”, otherwise it will be blank.