Choose a domain

If you choose to use corpliance domain, emails sent will be sent from ‘’. To do this simply select ‘Corpliance Domain’, enter a reply to email address, and press the ‘Save Domain Settings button’. It’s as easy as that.

If you choose to use your own domain, emails will be sent from your own email address.

Choose Custom Domain and in the ‘From Address’ field enter your own email address. On clicking ‘Save Domain Settings’ you will receive two emails to that address. The first email will provide you a link to click, this verifies that you own that email address and provides Smartcorp permission to send emails through that address. This link will expire after 72 hours, if the link expires the status will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Failed’ and you will need to restart the process.

The second email will provide you with a TXT record that must be added to your domains DNS settings in order to give permission for Smartcorp to send emails though your domain.

The process for adding a new DNS record to your domain will depend entirely on who is hosting your email servers.

A general guide can be found here:

GoDaddy has a specific guide here:

Once this has been completed, the status in Email Settings will show as ‘Success’. Please note that a DNS record can take up to a day to successfully propagate.
You can check if your DNS record has propagated using any online DNS lookup tool such as

Please note, the TXT name and value MUST match exactly what is emailed. Including potential symbols just as an underscore in ’_amazonses’, and an equals sign at the end of the TXT value.